In the fall of 2015 Cyrus Aaron walked away from his corporate career in hospitality and dining to write his first script. By March 2016, Aaron wrote, directed and produced SOMEDAY this pain will be useful to you —a vignette-style play about the black experience and the psychological plight of bias and prejudice.


Aaron’s theatrical debut made a lasting impression, and with his unique voice as a writer the Chicago Native has been commissioned and covered across brands, industries and mediums. When he’s not writing, you can find him performing around NYC with his sonic collective THE BLK HRS, or, pouring into the youth through his social empowerment campaign.

The Brooklyn based creator sees storytelling as a powerful tool and believes his artistic duty is to reflect the times, help steer the narrative about Black life out of the margins and use words to build a bridge that connects us all to our humanity.

Commissions & Clients